DIY Autumn Candle Holder

You need this.

Because obviously you need this. Don’t argue.

I made this using a tutorial I followed in a beautiful book called Dried Flower Arranging. I bought this at WH Smiths for £9.99 on a 2-for-1. You can find it on Amazon by clicking the link – enjoy it! (This is not a sponsored post – this is my actual life here, folks)

I thought the book looked gorgeously autumnal and pagan, so obviously I was all over that. It includes techniques for styling all kinds of arrangements whilst being simple and straightforward, as well as Christmassy biz, so it’s my kind of book.

Supplies I used:

– Flower pots, charity shop, £1.50 each
– Oasis, The Range, £1.25 each
– Fallen leaves/thistles/conkers, free! (Collect a massive pile of these)
– Ribbon, about £1
– Pot pourri, about £2.99
– Candles, about £1.99 each
– Misc scissors, cutters, bendy wire

This isn’t a how-to exactly; I’m just showing off what I made. I’ll give you the gist of it though:

(Bonus points for the Golden Girls boxset in the background)

Stack the bottom of your plant-pot with paper or hay (hay looks amazing), then stuff in your block of oasis. I used a standard block of oasis for artificial flowers, cut it in half, and then shaved off the corners until it fit. You want this oasis to stick out the top of the pot so that all your decorations stick out and look full and luxurious. Slope the corners to give it some dimension. Use the paper/hay/tissue to pack it in tight around the sides.

Next you need to wire your candle, or glue it in place with superglue. I wired mine to keep it sturdy. This involved taping around the base of the candle with sellotape, and then attaching hooks of wire (just a short length of wire bent-double) all around the base with more tape. Squash these gently down onto the oasis to hook it in nicely, and then cover the wire loops with a decorative ribbon (or whatever you like really; it’s your life mate).

This is how mine turned out. Cute, eh?

You now have a base pot, oasis, and candle – now go crazy with your decorations!

I used thin wire to bunch leaves together, and a small scalpel to drill holes into conkers and thread a piece of wire in. I hated it at the time, but in hindsight, I’m dead proud of it.

This is harder than it looks and can get tedious at times (especially if you’re a faddist like myself and get bored after approximately 30 seconds), but persevere – you’ll end up with something totally unique and, best of all, it’s got your little stamp on it.

My boyfriend described this craft as, “Something you’d find in the Next home department with a ridiculously high price tag”. I think he’s saying it looks like overpriced tat – and I like that. I’ll take that.

I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into my world.

Let’s start

at the beginning.

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I live in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, where I’m trying my best to carve a safe little corner of the world for myself. I have a wonderful job as Journal Editor for a national charity who support people with a particular medical condition, and I’m in love with my work.
I’m a film enthusiast with a penchant for kitchen sink dramas, documentaries, and the old black ‘n’ white movies. I read for pleasure as well as for education; currently I’m all about memoirs, particularly medical ones, and not just for the gory details (though they are jolly-good fun).

There have been many, many troubles in my life so far, but I’ve been very fortunate to have a loving family and some faithful friends. I also have a gorgeous Scottish Terrier called Sputnik, who let’s me give him a squish when I need one. These things keep me going, and though I’ve tripped many times and gone careering quite ungracefully into a den of nettles (or an old-fashioned puddle of mud), I’ve always clawed my way out of it. I hope to tell you about some of those times as we go on, subject to bravery.

Any wisdom I think I have to impart can be shared here. If nothing else, there will be crafts. Oh yes. There will be crafts.

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